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Test bench gas turbine engine Rolls-Royce
Test bench gas turbine engine Rolls-Royce - фото 1
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Test bench gas turbine engine Rolls-Royce

1 600 000 $/комплект
Условия поставки: CIP Ереван
Фиатов Геннадий
инженер консультант
,  Белгород, RU
на Флагма с 18 апреля 2015


Production, sale.
Test bench of industrial GTE firms Rolls-Royce used in gas compressor stations and power plants.
Rolls-Royce models: Avon, Olympus, Allison 501-k, Trent, Spey, RB211, EM610, Trent 60, Avon 1533 and others.
The repair shop can be equipped in two directions:
1. Production of a test bench for the test run-in and testing of industrial GTE Rolls-Royce (gas turbine engines).
In this case, various versions of the test bench are used, both in the configuration of the component parts and in power.
2. Production of a set of test benches, necessary for checking and testing all mounted pneumatic, hydraulic and fuel systems used in a Rolls-Royce gas turbine engine (GTE).
In this case, there are various options for placing a set of test benches, namely, stationary placement or modular.
To increase the processing speed of the application - we ask, first, to prepare the test TU of a unit.
We conclude a contract and perform work with the delivery of test benches in full, "turnkey".
We perform work in any country of the world.
Call or write in any language.

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,  Белгород, RU
на Флагма с 18 апреля 2015
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